Time is quickly running out to not be stuck with Windows 8

Since Windows 8 has now been released by Microsoft, most of the computer vendors will remain in Lock Step and offer only Windows 8 machines very soon if they are not doing it already.

Now do not get me wrong, I do believe that Windows 8 does represent the direction that all computing is going . . .

I just disagree with the way normal computer users are forced to make the change before they are ready to because they are not allowed to decide what OS comes on the new computer that they purchase. My recommendation to normal computer users who are not wanting to be on the bleeding edge is to avoid Windows 8 for 12-18 months at least.

There is a significant learning curve with Windows 8, and the classic Windows 7 interface does not work as well as you might hope. Windows 8 is also clunky (a technical term) on traditional computers with a mouse and keyboard . . . it does much better in a touch interface scenario. I personally think that in Windows 9 they will remove the text from the tiles by default, just like they did on the Taskbar (by default) between Vista and Windows 7.

To me it appears that they are being influenced by Star Trek where the computers are all pictures or symbols and no text and all touch or voice interfaces. I personally believe that this is driving some of their decisions.

You know, like Mr Scott says in the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: “The keyboard! How Quaint.”

So I believe this is why they are moving this direction, but I am concerned that someone who gets a new Windows 8 desktop or Laptop (non-touch screen/non tablet) computer under their holiday tree may spend until well after New Years celebration with a lot of frustration.

Most reports I see say that the time to get comfortable with the new operating system is measured in weeks. I remember my own experience the first time I saw a beta . . . I sat in the front of the machine for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do at all, and then I started clicking on various things to see what they did.

So if you like Windows 7 and will be replacing a computer in the coming year, you might want to start trying now to see where you can still get a Windows 7 machine.

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