Would It Be Better if We Found Your Issues Proactively?

With the start of a new year I am thinking along the lines of how we can be of better service to our customers. Many of them wait until things are really bad or computers are completely down before they call us. We all know that a down computer = losing money, and if there would be some way for us to get to these computers before they are so bad I will pursue it.

The result of this will be a new Service Offering that we plan to roll out on February 2013. It will be called

Awesome Care

The idea is for us to come check your machine proactively from time to time so that we can see problems coming and head them off before they get there. We envision the following benefits being defined for those who will purchase Awesome Care.

1. Defined pricing at a discount for all of our services.
2. Stable and available remote control access for remote repairs.
3. Protection from service price increases for as long as the plan is in effect.
4. Priority Scheduling if something does go wrong.
5. Automatic Renewal with Credit Card
6. Pricing that Home and Home Office customers can work with
7. Plans for small business with no limit on number of computers
8. Peace of mind for customers who know that their computers are getting a timely checkup by an expert.
9. Easy process to remove machines or add new machines.
10. If you move locations then your service moves with you as long as it is current.

Use the list at the top left to find a Tech today, and ask them about Awesome Care. You will be glad that you did.

Avoid the scare with Awesome Care!

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