Is There a Way to Get Help Before Your Computer is Completely Dead ???

Speaking now about residential and home office customers, we are concerned that we are not called in on issues until they have become bad and in most cases the machine is completely down. Everyone knows that Computer Down = Losing Money for most computers that do important things. I am not talking about the kids computer in the other room here.

We think it would make much more sense if folks had a way to have those important machines checked out every once in a while, on a Proactive basis. Call it Proactive IT support for Home and Home Office Computers. Oh wait! There is just one problem, and that is that no one offers this service at a price that makes sense to residential or home office customers.

As I was making my review of what is going on on the industry, and talking to my competitors in my area, this fact became very clear. Larger businesses have IT personnel on contract for set hours and once they reach a certain size they also have specialized monitoring software that will alert everyone immediately the second some sort of issue appears on a covered machine. What do home and home office customers have? Their telephone. Of course the problem is that no one thinks to call the Awesome computer guys until things are really bad, and then they can be down for several hours while a Tech is dispatched and the issue is fixed.

It does not have to be this way.

Once I came to understand the problem as I have explained it above, I knew that we were uniquely positioned to offer a compelling solution to this problem. What I asked myself is: “How can we set up a worthwhile Proactive offering that is not cost prohibitive for home and home office customers”?

And my answer has now been formulated and it is called Awesome Care. For a set price that almost any home or home office computer user can afford, the Technicians at Awesome Computer Help directed by 23 years of Tech Support Experience will make a proactive remote check on your computer(s) twice a year. By doing this we believe we will be able to spot problems that are forming and will be troublemakers later. We will fix them now before they have a chance to bring the machine down. As an additional incentive folks who sign up for this program will get priority scheduling and reduced rates on all of our other services, and a new less expensive “remote support” service tier that is not available to the non-Awesome Care customers. It is the priority scheduling that we believe will be the greatest benefit, because the last thing that any user wnats to hear when they call in for a computer repair is that they cannot be helped immediately.

And so we now offer Awesome Care on a world wide basis. For those customers not in our physical coverage area, we will still make the proactive checks and report the results via EMail, and in cases where more assistance is required that cannot be done remotely, we will assist those out of our coverage area customers in finding a suitable local Tech who can help them, and will try to negotiate the best rate possible for them.

Of course this might be the year where the important computer does not fail at all . . . but why take the risk when some real peace of mind on the compouter can be purchased for so little? There is just not time for that kind of scare in someone’s life.

Avoid the Scare with Awesome Care

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