Does Your Computer Ever Get a Physical? Or a Check Up?

Under recent changes in Health Care Laws the Insurance Companies are now required to cover well physicals at 100% for insured persons. As a result of this change, I believe that more folks will take advantage of the opportunity and go to a physician to get an annual physical.

Why would someone do that when they feel fine and are not aware of any new issues?

Well because not all issues are plainly visible when they are new and growing. In some cases waiting until there are obvious symptoms will mean a much rougher go before resolution.

So the physicals are a PREVENTATIVE thing.

Now let’s talk computers, and specifically let’s talk home and home office computers and computers at small businesses where there is not a full time IT person. Does anyone who is an expert even check out these computers? I am afraid that far too often the answer is NO.

So what can happen when an expert never looks at them? Well here is what often happens: The computer builds up over time with Adware, Spyware, Viruses, Trojans and possibly even Rogues. Also the computer gets gunked up by drive by downloads, unwanted programs that masquerade as important programs, and other leftover and now unused files. Most computers have a resident virus scanner installed (make sure you only have one), but no one scanner can get every malware that is out there. The almost unavoidable conclusion to this is that the computer will get slower and slower and it will not be clear to the user how to fix the issue safely without deleting something that really was important.

And yet even with this, most computer users will wait until the computer is so slow it is unusable, or it is dead as a doornail, or a Rogue has completely taken control of the machine before they seek professional assistance. It is my stated goal as the founder of Awesome Computer Help to do something about this, and this is why we now have a program called Awesome Care.

Home Office and Small Business users need no longer wait until machines are down and they are losing money before they call in the experts. They can fire the experts to do unobtrusive checks on their machines for not even that much money. I think of it as a no-brainer.

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