Want Someone Who Knows What They are Doing to Check Your Computer?

If you would like an expert to come and check your computer where do you go? There is only one National Player in the home and home office computer care market and their option, if you want them to come to you, is pretty expensive. Short of the National Player, there is in every market a large number of small (mostly one man) computer help companies and you may have heard of a few of them, but how do you know which ones are good? Quite frankly since it is a market that is not really regulated at all, pretty much anyone can go into business as a computer help company with no oversight whatsoever from the government. Now this is a good thing if you want to start a computer help company; but it is a bad thing if a customer ends up with a “tech” who really does not have much experience and does not know what they are doing. Money spent on one of these is not money well spent.

Now to be clear, just because a Tech does know what he is doing, it still not a guarantee that the Tech can work magic for you. If your computer has a hardware issue, it will take some testing that you will be charged for to come definitely to that conclusion. Once diagnosed as such, the only way to fix a hardware issue is to replace the affected hardware and this is at additional customer expense and in some cases is cost prohibitive versus buying a new machine, especially on Laptop computers.

So it happens that some folks have expectations that are too high for a computer tech. . . sorry but I do not know any of us who can wave a magic wand and make a hardware issue go away, and I have also not yet met one who knew every answer so that they did not have to troubleshoot, but some customers worry about how long it takes to troubleshoot. On a computer that is really slow it takes LONGER. Best strategy there is find a tech with a lab option where they will set processes and then leave them without charging you for all the time it takes them to run. We operate this way with our lab jobs, and as a result it may be more cost effective to bring us your machine (as opposed to us coming to you) if it is really slow.

Back to the main subject at hand. You have three choices when it comes to getting your computer checked. Here they are:
1. Go with the National Player for a lot of money. Those Techs are usually pretty young with five years of experience or less.
2. Pick a small player in your local market. These will tend to have more experience and probably charge less but there is a real unknown factor at work and getting a bad Tech is not what you want to do.
3. Sign up for Awesome Care with us, or let us do a Remote Check on your computer. I will explain.

Awesome Care is a program that is designed to allow our experts directed by 24 years of Tech Support Experience to check your machine twice a year on a proactive basis and then send you a detailed report indicating our findings and recommendations. Most issues that will eventually take down a computer do not just develop overnight; and we know how to see them coming. It is really smart for the customers to allow the experts to check their computer while it generally seems to be ok to see what is lurking in the shadows of the operating system. Given that the check is remote it is easily scheduled and usually completed within an hour and at most two hours unless the machine has a major issue.

If Awesome Care is too much because you were just wanting a one time check, then we can help there as well. For a set price that is less than the National Player, we can setup a remote session and do a check (similar to the Awesome Care Checks) that is run by a tech with years and years of experience (generally more than 15); and that Tech is directed by our Chief Technician who has 24 years of Tech Support Experience. Not plain IT experience, but actual Tech Support and troubleshooting experience for all 24 years. Can your computer guy say that?

If either of these two options sound good to you, give us a call at 281-256-6251. We can run these checks for any computer in the world (PC Based) that is connected to the Internet. Or you could just wait until the lurking problems build enough to take down the machine, and deal with an unknown onsite Tech from your area. We are the only computer help company that is “Awesome”. Welcome to Awesome Computer Help.

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