The Hidden and Very Helpful Windows 8 Power Menu

One of the chief frustrations that many users have with Windows 8 is the removal of the traditional Desktop Start Menu (or Start Orb as it was called in Vista and Windows 7). More than just for running programs, users used the Start Menu to run a program (Run Command), Shut Down or Restart the Computer, go to a command prompt, go to the control panel, and so forth. Now that it is not there, users invariably spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do all these things some other way.

But here is great news! We do not have to! There is a hidden Start Menu that is still there (called the Power Menu) and you reach it the following ways:

Windows 8.0: Go to Desktop Mode if not already there from the Desktop Tile. Position the mouse at the lower left hand corner of the screen and a Start Menu item will appear in the corner. RIGHT CLICK on this. The Power Menu Appears.

Windows 8.1: Go to Desktop Mode if not already there from the Desktop Tile. RIGHT CLICK the new Start Orb that is there. Notice all the cool things you can now get to easily.

In short this Power Menu provides for you most all the functionality that the old Windows 7 Start Menu EXCEPT for running or listing programs. If you need the old Start Menu for any other purpose the Power Menu can probably help you. For running or listing programs, the new Tiles Start screen does that, and in Windows 8.1 there is a down pointing arrow that will take one to a list of all Apps installed on the machine.

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