Please Get Your Computer Checked by an Expert

As I run this Awesome Computer Help business, I constantly see folks running very important business and finance transactions from their computer without ever getting their computer checked out from time to time. In fact it has to almost crash completely before some folks will call us.

It can be dangerous to operate this way.

Most people understand that there are certain people in the world who instead of honestly earning money for themselves, they would rather steal some from someone else. There are also those who just wish to cause havoc even if they are not trying to steal anything. Further there are those who create new malware programs and social engineering schemes for many different reasons.

If you operate on a PC Desktop or Laptop with any version of Microsoft Windows on it, then your machine is squarely in their sights. It is not that Windows (in the newer versions) is not as secure as some other operating systems, it is just that with the kind of attention it gets from malware writers and theives, the general computing public need to be aware.

And yet many feel that if they have an antivirus program on their machine, then they have no need to be concerned about any of these threats. Unfortunately this is not the case. Having an antivirus program (we recommend Vipre) is the beginning of security for your computer; but far from the end of it.

If your home business and your finances were not at risk, I personally would be much less worried about this; but since both of them are very much at risk, we have designed a program to allow us to do proactive checks on your computers in a very cost effective way. Our program is called Awesome Care. You can “Avoid the Scare” with Awesome Care.

Please get your computer checked out every once in a while. We recommend every six months as an absolute minimum. If you do not wish to use our program (which is available world wide), then please ask a computer expert you trust to check your machine. Please also plan on paying them if you want them to take your check seriously.

The hassle and pain that can come from a breach of your private information is real, so I am hoping that I can convince folks to do something about it. When an expert checks your machine, they can find all the hidden things that are leading to trouble. Make sure the person who checks your machine is really an expert.

If they are directed by 24 years of Tech Support Experience (like we are) that would be nice.

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