Unsafe Real Estate on Almost Every Web Page

People often ask me where does all the malware and the spyware and the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) come from. Of course the answer is that they can come from several different sources, and I will describe one of them today.

On almost every single legitimate webpage (that is backed by any commercial concern) that you go to, there is dedicated add space set aside on the main pages as a way for the sight to bring in income. It is not hard to find examples, try the main page of any major news organization.

There are several things that you the viewer need to understand about these ads, and knowing these facts will make your computer much more secure if you act on them:

1. Generally the website is not in direct control of what appears in the add space, and to a large extent they do not even know what appears in the ad space. They are just selling the space in general and a different organization is responsible for what goes there. Also most of that is decided by computer because those ads are somewhat tailored. The first mistake that many make is to assume if the website is legitimate, then all the ads on it would also be legitimate. This is NOT the case.

2. If an actual virus or trojan is proven to be linked to one of those ads it will be taken down, but not until after some people are infected by it. However getting actual trojans and viruses from these is not the chief concern. Folks do need to be aware however that it has happened.

3. There are many schemes that run on the Internet that have questionable legality. Many of these sell things that are made to sound good up front but which turn out to have questionable value. There tends to be a large amount of small print and in some instances the small print says that “in addition to” what you think you are buying you are also paying for these extra subscriptions to things that you did not ask for. Each of which of course has a yearly or even a monthly “subscription fee”. Because the small print DOES detail exactly what will happen, it is hard to say what they are doing is illegal.

4. Personally I never click on any of these spaces. Not even the ones that purposely cover up what I was trying to read. If I cannot find a way to make it go away (this does happen) then I kill the whole Tab or the whole browser instance to get rid of it. I will mark that webpage down as an undesirable if they do that to me. Am I missing out on some new killer product that no one else knows about and I could be the first to buy? Maybe, but I do not care. In many ways the Internet in it’s current form is like the wild wild west, and Law and Order as we know if for everything else has not yet caught up.

5. The text on these new ads can be easy to pick out: “(Your town) new rule”, “New Rule(s) for _______”, Something that sounds new and different. A lot of them use the current president of the United States trying to bring in those who trust that person. Let me tell you strait up that there are typically no new rules in these except for the rule of the author that you are supposed to give them some of your money. Did you want to give them some of your money?

6. Internet ads are very similar to junk mail and to some extent almost all mail. Why does someone send you something in the mail? Because they want money from you of course. Some ask legitimately because you are getting something in return, like your water or your electricity, but most just want you to give them some of your money. Do you want to? Now of course things that come from people you actually know are not included in this, but even some of those are asking for money.

7. It is our recommendation to all of our customers, and those who listen to us, that users NOT click on ANY of these ads. There are no real new rules or secrets to be learned through this course. There is money to be lost, and the best case scenario is that no money is lost and only a little but of your time is wasted. In the worst case scenario; well let’s just say that someone could still be busy months later still trying to stop all the charges that are coming off the debit card number that was given or the bank account number for an ACH transaction.

Finally, these are so tough because it is hard to figure out who to even go after if you are wronged. The main organization page that hosted the add will say they are “not responsible” for what appears in the ad space, or at least that they are not in control of it. The company that someone finally pays is often offshore and not subject to US Laws.

Most of us do not have time for this kind of a financial tragedy in our lives, please do not click on these ads. You will also notice that you will not see any of these ads on our site, and some would call me crazy because I have not “money enabled” my site. I am not concerned; I earn a lot of money selling Awesome Care, which is a high value service that can save my customers a lot of headache in the future. So many people depend on their computers, yet never get them checked out by an expert. Awesome Care solves this problem in a very effective and cost effective way.

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