Windows 9 is on the Horizon

Windows 8.x has been received with what I will call mixed reviews. The younger a person is (I have noticed), the more likely they are to like it; and the older they are, the more likely they are to hate it. Just what I have observed, and there are always exceptions.

Some of the complaints have been addressed directly by Microsoft such as no longer being forced to use the Tiles screen if it is not wanted. The issue with no Windows 7 type Start Menu is only addressed by third parties, and you have to pay close attention to those as windows receives new updates. I also an not a fan of the removal of the Desktop Gadgets, I just love those in Windows 7 and would never upgrade to 8.x myself for that reason alone.

Windows 9 is set to address some of these issues better than they are addressed in Windows 8.x. For instance one thing it is scheduled to be able to do is to determine what type of device it is running on and design itself in the installation accordingly. This would me a more Windows 7 like Start Menu would return when it is installed on a desktop or non-touch screen Laptop, and the Tiles screen (Metro interface) would be key when installed on a Tablet or a phone.

It is not clear to me as of yet if the desktop gadgets are returning, so I will have to advise on that later; and as far out as the scheduled release is (April or May of 2015), we can expect several possible changes before that time.

It will be interesting for me to see if a solid Windows 9 release that is more popular will stem the tide of decreasing PC Sales that has been occurring recently. Some of that is folks who now buy Tablets to do some of the things that the PCs used to do, but some of that is the folks who did not like Windows 8.x and are holding out for something better.

For now I recommend Windows 7 for all Desktop and Non-touch screen Laptop computers. It will be supported at least through 2019 if not later, and it runs very well. If you have Windows 8.x, I do not necessarily recommend any third party shells, because these can be broken as windows updates get installed.

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