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Residential customers and small business owners who are not big enough to have a contract with an IT Services Company or their own IT person are being ignored in large measure by the computer help industry. I will explain what I mean.

When a computer breaks down, does the IT Service call you? No, they will not even know about the issue until someone calls them. In a large number of cases, the issue has been building for a while and it could have been headed off at any point in the last few months if IT service had looked at the computer; but because that did not happen, now the computer is down and someone is losing money and the response time of even the fastest IT guys is at least two days and up to a week!

So there has to be a better way, but surprisingly as I look at the industry I am not really seeeing it, at least not in a way that is priced such that residential and home office and small business customers can afford it.

So we at Awesome Computer Help have made it our goal starting this year in 2013 to be proactive with our customers. This is the reason we have developed Awesome Care, our proactive offering. With Awesome Care, initially a customer will sign up for a year of service and that can be auto-renewed if desired. All the the following benefits apply to Awesome Care customers:

1. Our Technicians directed by 23 years of Tech Support Experience will remotely check each machine on the plan twice a year. We will provide to everyone as part of the deal the remote control software necessary to do this. Having the remote control software in place will be a big advantage to the customer as described below. Also the customer will receive a detailed report via EMail (we must have a working EMail address) on what we have found and what our recommendations are for the system.

2. Extra checks can be ordered for only a nominal fee. Customers who want machines checked quarterly or monthly can set that up.

3. There will be a new service tier for solving any problems that come up. If we are able to resolve issues remotely without us having to come to you, or you having to bring it to us, then we will charge a reduced rate for those repairs.

4. Awesome Care customers get price protection from any price increases that Awesome Computer Help may have as long as Awesome Care is un-interrupted and remains in effect. That does mean that ten years from now, one could be paying 2013 prices for any extra work that is needed.

5. Awesome Care customers receive priority scheduling on any repairs that they might require, and those repairs are done at a reduced rate from our normal repair rates. Only customer’s who pay for expedited repairs would be scheduled in front of them, and any Awesome Care customer who pays for an expedite will be scheduled in front on non-Awesome Care expedites. Also the max out of pocket for any set of repairs within a 60 day period is lower for Awesome Care customers. Once that threshold is reached, then all repairs are considered covered and not charged until the 60 day window expires from the first repair.

6. This is the only computer care plan to provide the peace of mind that the computers have been checked by an expert. Should anything go wrong after that, there is the peace of mind of knowing that the computer gets moved to the front of the line and the overall repair that is required will be less expensive than it would have been.

7. Customer’s can place an un-limited number of machines on the Awesome Care Plan. The cost of the plan is per machine. We also will provide set processes to remove machines and then add new machines to the plan. Machines can be replaced on the plan for a nominal fee, and new machines can be added at any time for a published price based on time left in contract. It will be arranged that all machines share the same contract expiration date. Initial payment is taken at the beginning for the entire year, so there are no monthly payments to worry about for the program fee.

8. A couple of notes on what Awesome Care is not . . . It is not a warranty, and it is not insurance. We will check the machines as described in the plan and report and make recommendations, but we cannot be responsible for what happens on the machine after that and if a problem starts building the very next day then it will be six months before we would see it on the normal plan. Again checks can be arranged to occur more often for a nominal fee. We also cannot be responsible for things that break because customer’s did not follow our recommendations, and we cannot be responsible for us making a bad recommendation if we are not able to obtain correct and detailed informaton that we will request about how the customer uses the computer and what programs are most important to them.

9. A note about hardware. Awesome Care is not a warranty that covers hardware failures. When we are called in to help with any failure of the computer including hardware, we will do so at the reduced prices associated with the plan, but the customer is responsible for the purchase price of all replacement hardware that may be needed for the machine in addition to our service costs. Customer is also responsible for hardware costs in addition to our service costs for all upgrades that are made to any covered machines. There are some hardware configurations that are very specialized that we do not work with because we are not certified to do so, one example would be a video card running three monitors, and other highly customized setups. We can advise on these issues but will not fix them. We can also refer the issue to folks that we trust if the customer wants us to.

The plan is mostly designed for customer peace of mind. Customer’s will know that experts are checking their machine(s) on a regular basis and if something goes wrong at any time in the coverage period the customer will get priority scheduling, reduced rates and a lowered out of pocket maximum for all repairs.

So there are two ways to go . . .

1. The No Awesome Care Plan. Customers will not call us until there is evidence that they can see of an issue with their machine. In most circumstances their machine is already down and they are already losing money before they call us. They will continue losing money until the issue is completely fixed which requires scheduling of a Tech or Lab Time plus repair time.

Price: Free, until one counts the cost of how much that unexpected computer crash is going to cost their business, and this cost cannot even be truly counted until the incident is completely over, and depending on the value of the lost productivity, it could result in the loss of thosands of dollars.

2. Sign up for the Awesome Care Plan. We will EMail you and tell you how your computer(s) is/are doing twice a year. If something sudden happens in between, the customer will have a shorter outage because they receive priority repair scheduling . . . and the total cost of repair will be significantly less. Also the worse the problem turns out to be, the better the savings become on the repair. Also some potential issues will not happen because they will be detected in the proactive checks and fixed before they can cause any trouble.

Price: $179.00 for one machine, and the release of Computer Related Stress from the customer’s life.

Do no wait to become the victim . . . Avoid the Scare with Awesome Care! Click the appropriate link at the top left of this page to find your closest Awesome Tech and tell them you want Awesome Care!


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