The Best Antivirus

(In our expert opinion)

There are some good free antivirus programs out there, and several paid brands. If you are running very popular antivirus products please be aware that because these antivirus programs have the lions share of the market, that many virus writers target them specifically. We do not recommend that any of our customers run any of the popular brands.

In fact it was only recently that we found a paid antivirus that was enough better than the best free one that we even wanted to recommend it. But we have found one now, and it is VIPRE Antivirus. For the best deal for three or more computers I recommend the three year term. This provides for a steep discount over the annual price.

Just click the picture, buy the software, install it and then have the peace of mind knowing that you are now protected by the best out there. There are also options if you need to protect more than one computer or if you want to buy a longer term for a great discount.



Total Internet Security Above, Anti-Virus only Below