Why EVERYONE Should Start Their Own Business On The Side

I believe that every single person who lives on this Earth has special talents in certain areas that make them better than 90% of the rest of the population in that skill. Not everyone knows what all of their talents are. Finding and developing these talents I believe is one of the best things that one can do in this life.

So here is what I recommend to absolutely everyone who will listen . . . Start a Home Based Business of some kind. Plan for it to happen afterhours when not working for another employer. Non home based businesses are also good, but for those who wish to start for very low or no cost (except time) then home based business is the way to go.

What should the business do? Well it has to have a way to bring in money, and that means that it has to SELL something. Now what is sold can be products or services. The products that are sold do NOT have to be ones own products, and the Services that are sold do NOT have to be ones own services. Just keep that in mind. I would recommend doing something that one would enjoy doing, as it will make it so much easier to do it. One will do a fair amount of writing about the business, so make sure that it is something that one would enjoy writing about. Also for those who hate writing, that part can be hired out.

Many of us may not enjoy our primary jobs. I have spoken to several who do not and yet they remain because the need the money. The home based business on the side will not be an immediate replacement for this situation; but it WILL get the mind moving in the direction that could eventually get one out of that work situation.

For the trade of some time, there are many many benefits to doing this. I will cover some of these benefits in this article.

1. Some relief from Taxes. I am not a Tax expert and I would recommend speaking to one to understand all of the Tax benefit implications, but there are several Tax Benefits to doing this.

2. Personal Growth and Development. One will not do this for long before they realize that to really make this successful they are going to need to become more than they were before. They will begin to seek out books and training that takes them in that direction. I would start with books for cost reasons. Trainings need a lot of vetting before spending the kind of money that they often want.

3. Creativity. Very few are lucky enough to be allowed to be creative in their primary employment. Many jobs are like being an enlisted man in the Army where they say “we do not pay you to think!”. Many jobs require folks to shut down parts of their brain, while a brand new home based business will encourage them to open up as much of their brain as possible. I am convinced that the key to unlocking the power of human brain comes from creative pursuits.

4. New and independent stream of income. Do not underestimate the value of this. No one will lay one off from the business that they started. The more effective the work is done the better the income, so it automatically encourages smarter work.

5. Innovation. Does anyone think the coolest innovations in the world are coming out of big corporations? These companies have research and development departments and they try to allow some of these folks to be creative, but because of their corporate image and size they invariably have some restrictions on what these folks can do. I believe strongly that the next big thing innovation is going to come from someone in their garage or a small group dedicated to a worthy cause.

6. Training. A whole new world of training opens for those who start their own business. I would avoid expensive ones right at first. I will cover some ways that this can be done on a cost effective basis. Beware those who want large sums of money up front and then say “you are not serious about your business” if you refuse to provide that to them. BIG RED FLAG. Not spending large amounts of money on training that is unproven in value is evidence in my eyes of someone who IS serious about their business; that is serious about it being profitable.

These are just some of the advantages. There are others. Now I will give an example of what this idea has done for me.

In January 2008 there was no such thing as Awesome Computer Help. The company did not yet exist. The company was actually founded by a response on a Yahoo Group to someone who was requesting help with their computer. It was something that I started on an afterhours basis that did not interfere with my full time employment at the time. Over the first several months I put up a rudimentary web page (which has been replaced with a better one now) and got some business cards printed. I learned some marketing techniques and began to grow the list of customers I have worked with. After one year I had worked with 49 different customers and I was thrilled because most of them liked me.

During the second year I added another 54 new customers as well as doing some repeat jobs for some of the first 49 from the previous year. All of this was still happening afterhours.

Then in October of 2009 my full time job suddenly ended without any warning. This gave me a choice where I would have not had a choice before. Because I was basically two years into my new company, I had the choice to just do that business as opposed to just trying to find another job. Now I did the prudent thing which was to move in both directions. I did search for new employment; but when I was not actively doing that, I did spend 100% of my time trying to further grow the business.

As a result, I met several new people as I went around. One of them needed help on a contractor type basis with computer IT support of their own. I joined up with them and picked up 5-15 new billable hours per week. As I gave more attention to my own company, the rate of me obtaining new customers started to increase, and that was awesome.

Because of the economy at the time, and the specialized nature of my IT field, it was actually 18 months between when I was layed off from my primary job and had permanently replaced all those hours with new paid business.

What do you think my family’s condition would have been if I had been out of work for 18 months with no other stream of income? Yes, not pretty. As it turned out, the entire year of 2010 was within this 18 month period and the total business that I was able to gather from all sources allowed me to replace 80% of my previous full time income from 2009. The other thing that happened in 2010 is I was able to get my first additional Tech started in the business and he brought in some new customers around where he lived.

By 2011 I was reaching 300 total customers we had worked with and I brought on one replacement Tech for the first one and one new Tech who was ready to go. Through 2012 and 2013 this new tech was able to grow and add customers using marketing strategies that we taught him to add almost 100 now of his own customers.

So now in addition to the great assistance that the new business was to me, now it has improved the life and income for someone else as well. This is where it really starts to get cool.

Starting now in 2014 I have added another new Tech and will be getting them started with their marketing using our proven methods. I am also looking now for the next one who is ready.

So it has been a great thing for myself and my family, and the talent that I am working off of here is that I am a person who at the same time understands IT and is easy to talk to. This is certainly not a combination found in all IT guys. It is an example though for others who wish to start their own business. What are they good at? What do they enjoy doing? This second question is often a key to help with the answer to the first.

Now for a couple of ideas as to what direction to go. Should Network Marketing be considered an option? Yes, under the following suggestions:

1. Avoid companies with really high startup fees. If your business does not eventually work out, you might be sad that all your friends and family are out of those large amounts of money. Be aware that only the top 5% of any of those companies makes any real money. If you can give a good and honest answer as to why you would be in the top 5% then it might be a good option.

2. Pay very close attention to your potential upline, not just your sponsor. Will the upline above your sponsor be available to help you directly, or are they in another state or country? If you do not like any of them for any reason, it will make it that much harder to succeed.

3. The most important aspect to look for in any company is training and personal development. It is true that this kind of training can often be found within Network Marketing Companies for pennies on the dollar compared to what would be spent for the same training outside of network marketing. Ask the most senior people you can find at any event about what training is available and is it instructor led or is it just self study with provided materials. Look for instructor led.

I actually learned many of the concepts that have helped me create a successful business from the training I received in network marketing organizations. I was never in the top 5% of any of those organizations and I never made any money to speak of there but the training I received for very low cost has been invaluable. So despite the fact that I did not make as much as I even spent joining all of them, I consider the entire experience a success for me since I learned things I needed to know to be successful in the future. I will state for a disclaimer that I am not currently involved in any network marketing organizations and I will not list the ones I was involved with because time changes everything and companies that were good then may not be good now.

4. The last benefit of network marketing is learning how to get out of the comfort zone. Folks who can learn how to do that can be wildly succesful. Network Marketing gives one the opportunity to try.

For those who have already done Network Marketing or who may not be interested in it, may I suggest selling something via the Internet? If one looks I bet they can find free classes put on by local colleges and universities as to how to get started in this kind of business. It requires a lot of writing. It is not really for those who do not like to write unless they have the funds to hire all the writing out. Did I say it requires a lot of writing?

Last option is to sell a product (or products) or services personally. This is the route I took; and my first employee was someone who I could really depend on (me). Be aware that most people who start this way are pretty good at the technical aspects of the business but may not have much or any experience with sales and marketing. One learns pretty quickly that marketing is equally or even more valuable than technical know how because all the technical know how in the world is wasted if there are not any customers. Plan on obtaining training of some sort on sales and marketing concepts. Read every book on the subject that can be found.

The entire community is benefitted when someone who has talent makes that talent available to others. Especially in the United States where there is freedom to choose what business one might start, the possibilities are really endless. Start an on the side home based business! The world needs the contribution of YOUR talents.

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