Follow Up: Did You Yet Start Your Own Business on the Side?

Please read this article first if you have not done so already before continuing.

This morning I saw a post from Mr. Joe Vitale with the following message: Create or Die.

He of course was simply quoting someone else who had said it before, and that person was also possibly quoting someone else who had said it before. This is not really a new idea.

But I believe it is a profound one.

I believe this gets us near the big question of life . . . and in my mind here is the big question of life . . .

What would be the best thing for us to do while here?

And my answer to that question is to learn to be a creator. Can be done by getting married and creating a family. Can be done when Dad and Mom create children to add to their family or adopt children to add to the family. It is done as those children are taught to be productive.

For the purposes of this article, I will talk about creating the business that is needed in your community but which is not there yet.

Yes I mean yours.

As I said in the previous article, chances are very high that you have a specific talent or set of talents in some direction. Start putting thought energy into what those talents are exactly. Once you feel like you know what they are (or if you already knew), then redirect the thought energy to how to get paid for service rendered that is related to your talents.

In my case, I identified that I could both understand technological concepts and communicate them to non-technical personnel in a meaningful way. It is the most likely reason why after starting my career in entry level Tech Support that I stuck with it, because I was very good at it. My business that I now run was a natural outgrowth of this. Now my customer satisfaction rate is not 100% and it never will be . . . but a supermajority of my customers are very appreciate of the service I give along with the folks who are helping me.

This is a primary driver for growth and personal development for me. As I am able to better understand the underlying business and marketing concepts, the result is that I am able to help more people and do greater good. Guess what? The more people that I help . . . the better I am paid . . . and this is how it should be.

Now if you are someone, (and there are not a small number of you), who looks to get paid more without providing greater service in exchange, then I would ask where is that idea coming from? What is that born out of? Let me state clearly that this idea is against the general nature of things as they are and this is painfully obvious when one considers what the world would be like if everyone took that approach. The words “messed up” come to mind. If your response is that the world is already messed up, then my response is that you have just proven my case.

The funny thing is that some seem to want for them to have to do less, but for everyone else to do more to support them. Take the simple example of someone trying to cut into a line of 30 cars for a left turn only lane by coming up the right lane and trying to squeeze in (in front of everyone else who waited their turn) at the last minute? See folks can often get away with this as long as they are the only one doing it and everyone else is waiting their turn. So that is what they want, everyone else to wait their turn so that they can take advantage.

Where is the prosperity in this mode of thinking? It is an easy answer . . . it is absent. Now what happens if everyone tries to take the same advantage? Well then no one can succeed because both lanes are now snarled equally and no one can get anywhere fast and now for collateral damage the right turners are now all blocked as well.

If prosperity type thinking is absent in our life, then there is only one thing it is replaced with . . . yes you may have guessed it . . . LACK thinking.

So cutting in line is a product of LACK thinking, a product of the un-reasonable thought that taking our proper turn is in some way a disadvantage to us, or that others must FAIL for us to SUCCEED.

Prosperity thinking says just the opposite . . . it says that we will succeed more when everyone around us is also succeeding. Your business will succeed greatly if it finds a way to help other people and other businesses succeed. Here is what will kill your business dead . . . LACK thinking.

The high point of the LACK thinking idea is crime. This is the top expression of the idea that others must fail in order for me to succeed. What is the opposite of crime? Well we call it charity. What happens to businesses that regularly give some money to charity? They grow and succeed themselves in many cases!

What I am trying to say here is that LACK thinking will kill your business, no matter what your business is. One of the biggest challenges that we face is how to overcome the LACK thinking. Many of us had this mode of thinking instilled into us when we were very young and impressionable. It was not done purposefully, but was born out of family situations where money was very tight which even in the United States is the majority of family situations.

It is something that we must un-learn. Sometimes un-learning something is more important to our eventual success than learning something is.

So if you are someone who believes that others have to fail for you to succeed . . . UN-LEARN that.

If you are someone who cuts in line or does the business equivalent . . . WHY? What is that doing for you exactly? UN-LEARN that. In that process you might learn some patience, and patience can make your business successful. In fact there is not any virtue that will not help your business.

Finally, in whatever way you have been taught, or you have learned to do it . . . seek divine help. It is very clear to me that God’s mode of thinking is not LACK thinking.

And bring your talents to the world, because the world is waiting for your skills.

Did you start your home based business yet?

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