Things to Look for in a Computer Help Technician

Computers, even the ones in peoples homes, are used more and more for holding important data and other business support files.  Letting someone that you have not met before come in and touch them might be a little bit scary.

It does not have to be that way.  Here are some important things to consider when hiring computer help.  Even those who are fairly knowledgable about computers may want to hire some help to free up their time.  It is not that they could not fix things themself, it is whether taking time to do that is a good use of their time?

1. Look for a local company instead of a national brand.  Most of the national brands are the ones who will send you the Tech with the least experience and at the same time charge you the most.

2. Find out how much technical support or troubleshooting experience your Tech (or his associates) have.  You will likely not find one Tech who knows everything.  Will he be able to call someone else for help if he gets stuck?  If you can find a Tech with 10 years or more of experience you are doing well.

3. Ask about pricing of course, and find out if it is flat rate or hourly.  Be careful about flat rate pricing.  This pricing strategy can encourage your Tech  to cut corners because the longer he takes the less per hour he makes.  Hourly pricing will represent a better value for you typically.  Also if one Tech is twice as expensive as another Tech this can be a good thing if he gets the job done in half the time;  so do not judge solely by cost per hour.

4. If you live in the Houston area, you can just hire Awesome Computer Help. We provide personalized computer help service to home, home office and business customers that is directed by 20 years of Tech Support Experience.

In all cases remember that the person who signs the check is the boss. You should expect your tech and his/her company to be able to accomplish all of your reasonable requests, and maybe even a few of your unreasonable ones.

How to find the local Techs?  Try a google search for “computer help (your zip code)”.


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