A Great Way to get Computer Help in Meyerland and Sugar Land

Many have had this experience before . . . One goes in the morning to wake up or turn on the computer ready to catch up on the morning events or get started on the business at hand for today.  Only the computer does not turn on, or it does not boot up all the way properly, or there is some pesky fake antivirus that is throwing up all kinds of threatening screens and not allowing one to run the programs that they need to run to be productive.

Now what?  Cursing at it might be theraputic but will not solve the issue.  Unless one has worked in IT, it may not be clear what to do next, and even for the ones who have worked in IT, they probably had better things to do this morning than spending time trying to fix their computer.

This would be a great time to give Roy Cohen a call, he is your local Awesome Computer Help Technician.  Roy can be reached at 832-368-4160.  Roy has many years of experience fixing all kinds of computer issues, and he is also backed up by another 20 years of Tech Support experience from the main office.  Roy can come to your home or place of business, and normally dispatches the same day.

How much would it cost?  If you have dealt with a national brand before the answer is “not as much as you might think”.

Now I know that there are some out there who are “do it yourself”ers.  Since there is a chance the make the issue worse if the right troubleshooting is not brought to bear,  I do not recommend trying to fix it yourself unless you have previous IT experience.  Many times those who come out ahead are those who call the professional early before there is any chance to make it worse.

When one is in a situation like this, there is only one kind of tech that someone is looking for, and that is an Awesome Tech.

At Awesome Computer Help we provide personalized computer help service to home, home office and business customers that is directed by 20 years of Tech Support Experience.  We will stop “The Cloud” from Raining on You.

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