Awesome Computer Help Recommends Local Business Networking Groups

About a year ago, I started looking for business networking groups in the Cypress Texas area in an effort to further grow the company.  I was able to find several groups that have been able to help me in both finding new customers as well as professional development.  I would like to give a shout out for these groups and describe specifically what each one of them has done for me.  As all of them are open to Guests and some are non-exclusive,  I recommend visiting and where appropriate joining these groups.

1. 290 Cypress Business Networking Group.  This non-exclusive group was founded in the mid 2000s by Edward Jones representative Ken Parker.  Currently the group is meeting every Thursday morning at the HEB located on the Northwest corner of US-290 at Barker Cypress Rd.  The meeting room is down a hallway to the left of the Pharmacy.  Doors open at 7:30 AM and the meeting is from 8:00 to 9:00 AM every Thursday except holidays.  Check the website above for verification of the meeting location and time in case it has changed since I have published this.

I am currently the Treasurer for this group and I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with several other business owners who I would not have met otherwise.  A wide range fo different businesses are represented in the group, see the Member directory.

2. Network Tomball.  This is a lively group that recently moved to a larger location to handle the size of the group.  It meets now every Friday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 AM at the Southern Villa on Alice Road just west of Texas 249 in Tomball.  It is also a non-exclusive group, so anyone is welcome to visit or join.  This group is known for having great speakers and useful professional development activities.  This is much faster than normal, but I pulled business out of the group my second week there.  Normally one has to attend a group for a while before folks are comfortable enough with you to recommend themselves or their friends as referrals.

There were about 40 folks in attendance at the meeting last Friday (March 2, 2012).  This is a great group to get in front of to present your commercial or your 15 minute spotlight which all members get.  I recommend that anyone who owns a business that is looking for customers in this area check out this group.

3. My Referral Network Cy Fair Chapter.  The group meets from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Weekly on Thursdays at the Romeros Las Brazas Mexican Kitchen located on the Southeast corner of Barker Cypress at Queenston just one block South of US-290.  Doors open at 11:00 AM.   This is an exclusive group (per chapter) so if your industry slot is filled in the group then you would not be able to join this chapter.

This group and organization are pretty good at teaching the fundamentals of business networking, and I see them as a great preparation for joining a BNI group later.  Of course in BNI if you do not pass referrals and have one on one meetings with other business owners then they kick you out and you forfeit the large sum you deposited to join. My Referral Network does not have these requirements and one can stay in a group if they never pass a referral to anyone else.  The point however is to learn how to be someone who does find and pass referrals, and it is not a surprise that many of the more successful businesses in the room are owned by the folks who are passing the most referrals.

4. I will make a mention of BNI which I mentioned earlier and there is a very good chapter near me meeting at the Northlake Forest Conference Center.  My industry is already represented in the group so I cannot join, but I have visited a couple of times.  There is also a group at the Goode and Company Bar-B-Q place at FM 1960 and US-290.  If you can manage to get into one, I know that they are great for helping to grow your business.

In addition to all of those, there are several events monthly put on by In Houston, and some others. If you find one business networking group, you can typically talk to the other folks there and they can tell you about any of the other groups that meet in the area.


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