Awesome Computer Help to be a Nationwide Network of Awesome Computer Techs

December 19, 2009

Our founder has been doing Technical Support and computer and software troubleshooting for 20 years. He is a product of the world famous WordPerfect Technical Support organization when it was 1200 persons strong. Add to that extensive Windows Desktop and Windows Server experience, and then add Novell and Linux Experience on Servers and Desktops. Add to that his extensive home and small business computer support, and you have a company directed by someone who knows what he is doing on the technical side.

Technical skills, however, are only half of the equation. Very few people want to deal with a computer support person who will not listen to them, or who talks in language that they do not understand. The folks want to deal with an established company who will still be there to support them down the road. If the founder does not know how to market the service, then he cannot stay in business and his customers will be left to search elsewhere for help. Our founder sees a great need nationwide for this kind of service, because the established players are just too expensive.

So our founder became an expert at marketing the service and at building a business system to run it. Our founder can tell you what he did exactly at any service call that he has ever made, and our Techs can do the same. Our founder knows several different strategies for marketing the business for Techs who want to be full time, as well as for Techs who want to build a substantial second income doing after hours work. Some of these solutions are low to almost no cost to the enterprising Tech.

So we are looking for Techs in every US city, and also looking for those who wish to “take charge” and have Techs working for them in their area by buying a franchise. We are looking for those who wish to build a passive income while at the same time performing a very important service to our customers. Our Techs find that home and small business customers are very grateful for their service and they can leave the service calls feeling like they have made a positive difference in someones life – – – and been paid really well for doing it. It is the best win win deal ever devised.

Are you someone who knows how to fix computers and computer issues? Are those skills under-appreciated or under-used at your current job? The beauty of the system is that you can become a Tech while you still work your day job (subject to the policies of your employer). You can keep your steady income stream while you work on building a completely new one. The average amount of time that the average employee spends in one specific job keeps getting lower, and it is now under three years. There are many folks who are getting tired of having to search for new jobs every few years, because the days of working for the same company for an entire career are long gone and everyone knows it. Some folks react to this by seeking work in government or academia, but even those rolls will eventually have to shrink.

What if you could start the process right now of taking charge of your own future? Do you wish to allow others to make the decisions as to whether you get to work at their company for your whole career? Even if you are not an experienced computer repair Tech, our training program is second to none. We find that all Techs need extensive training . . . some on the technical side and most on the marketing side. We will teach you both in a way that you get it.

There is great opportunity now for those who wish to get in early. As the company grows and expands, it will be the early folks who have the first shot at all the top level positions. A Tech is paid for exactly how much value they provide, and it is such a refreshing model for the Techs to make more money as they do more without ever having to ask for a raise. Those who provide more value are automatically paid more.

If you are someone who is in need of computer help then look for our closest Tech. If you do not find one of our Techs in your area, we recommend that you contact someone you know who is good at computers and tell them to hurry and jump on board with Awesome Computer Help because there are already awesome customers waiting for them. This is one thing that we know for sure at Awesome Computer Help, and that is that our customers are truly Awesome!