Why Would I Want Awesome Care ??

Let me start by asking this question . . . Has something like the following ever happened to you?

You wake up in the morning and head to the home office or the small business work office and press the button to turn on your computer and BOOM! Nothing happens. You have a database you need to look at that is only accessible from that computer. Or you move the mouse to wake up the computer that you leave on all the time and it will not wake up.

This or something like it eventually happens to everyone, and business is halted and revenue is potentially lost while the business owner has to drop everything in order to get the computer issues fixed. There is never a good time for this to happen.

Is there a way to stop this from happening at all? This is a question that I have been putting a lot of thought to recently.

In larger organizations they get warnings about things like this because they have monitoring software that alerts them the moment that something goes out of threshold. Due to the expense of such systems, they are only seen in larger organizations. Not really a good option for the small business or the home office.

I have learned for several years of doing this that most issues that can take a computer down do not just suddenly form overnight. They build up over time and could be spotted if an IT professional had a chance to do a diagnostic on the machine. The problem is that many business owners or home office people will not call for professional help until the system is already down.

What is needed is a proactive look at the machines, or checking then before they go down.

So thus Awesome Care was born from the dual goals that I have to provide proactive checks to my customers and yet have a program that is priced so that even the home office with only one computer can afford it. So here is what we offer for a very affordable price:

1. We will do two complete proactive checks on each covered machine per year. These checks are done remotely. We will send a report by EMail that indicates what we have found on the machine, and our recommendations as to how to make the machine better and more stable. It is our purpose with these checks to spot the issues that are building over time, and cleanup current issues at the same time.

2. If something does go wrong with a machine between checks, then that machine will get priority scheduling in our lab or for an onsite visit. Awesome Care customers are automatically moved to the front of the line.

3. Awesome Care customers get reduced rates on all of our services and those rates are frozen (they can never go up) as long as Awesome Care is renewed and remains in effect. Over time this can start to represent siginficant discounts for Awesome Care Customers.

4. A new remote only service tier for a great rate is available to Awesome Care customers.

So the entire program is designed for customer peace of mind. A covered machine will be checked twice a year by an expert, and our experts are directed by 24 years of Tech Support Experience. If a covered machine does fail, it will get put in the front of the line for a discounted repair, or it may even be repaired remotely for a much faster response time and significantly lower cost.

No one else can do for small business and home office customers what Awesome Care can do.

Two ways to purchase Awesome Care (Late 2013 prices):

1. New purchase is $179.00 for one machine. Additional machines can be added at a rate of $99.00 additional per machine.

2. Awesome Care can be purchased on top of any service call for $99.00 additional on top of the service call price. This special version assumes that the first check of the machine was done on the service call so it only includes one additional check six months down the road, but it includes all the listed benefits of the program and is good for one year from date of purchase.

3. Renewals of Awesome Care for existing customers are only $139.00 for the first machine and $89.00 per additional machine. New machines can be added to the program for $99.00.

Is Awesome Care right for you? Contact your Tech from the list on the left of our site and tell them that you want to know more about Awesome Care!


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